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the polo grounds cafe

Honestly, I have no idea..I mean really.  All we do know is we are as mad as a hatter about food, coffee, and gardening.  And not sure in what order. 

But ecentric.., yes.  We source coffee from Minneapolis, salmon lox from Scotland, and beef brisket from Texas.  We acquire corned beef from Wisconsin, eggs from locals when the chickens cooperate, flowers from anywhere,and we cant carry enough creme fraiche . We garnish plates sometimes with edible flowers because why not, and we love the people at the Food Lion for getting special items for us.  We think applewood chicken sausage is better then pork and prosciutto better than bacon (even though we have some).  We have a crepe named after a Bond Girl and we serve french toast to Die Another Day for.  And when we are bored of all that, we are gardening and working on interior design in hopes of being mentioned in World of Interiors,English Home , or Gourmet.  But we would settle for ..... well style is the only constant in life.

We are animal lovers and if you stop by you might see Boots..hes on patrol or on the roof, alley,and garden in the am.  You will recognize him..hes the cat in the tuxedo.  

Finally, the servers  here are great.  They can guide you through the menu and if you are picky, your in luck is everybody, so we are ready.  But don't go to crazy, cause we are nuts and you know what happens when crazy meets crazy .


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